Why We LOVE Whitechapel Handbells

From the Whitechapel Website:

“For the past two and a half centuries, Whitechapel have been acknowledged leaders in the production of musical handbells. Handbell ringing began in England about three hundred years ago. Even in those days, the best bells were made ‘at the sign of the three bells’ in Whitechapel. Indeed, it can be said that the whole art of handbell ringing – making molten metal into liquid sound – was built on Whitechapel handbells. “

We are blessed to have two sets of this incredible instrument.  They are simply unmatched for their excellence:

  • Each bell contains more metal in the casting, producing a full rich sound
  • The tuning of the bell creates a dramatically pleasing tone
  • The quality of the casting and internal mechanism makes it possible to create a range of sound from soft to loud that no other handbell manufacturer can replicate
  • The bells have a smooth clapper mechanism that is the result of 250+ years of experience that means you only hear the bell, not any off sounds coming from the mechanism itself.  Some bells make a noticeable “clunk” when rung, but not Whitechapel handbells! They only produce clear, rich ringtones.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for upcoming performances on this amazing “Orchestral Grade” instrument.